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Find a faster commute with mobile application Waze » VentureBeat

I’ve become pathetically reliant on my iPhone for finding my way around, but there’s one thing that online mapping applications don’t prepare me for — traffic. Even when applications include traffic data, the information isn’t provided in real-time, or it isn’t accounted for when calculating driving directions, or both. Enter a new service called Waze, which is beginning a private alpha test in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Waze takes data provided by the applications’ users on how quickly traffic is moving at that moment to calculate the optimum driving route. That means the data is both more up-to-date and cheaper to collect than what’s traditionally offered by data sources like Navteq. For example, a driver who lives in San Francisco but works in Mountain View can log in every morning to see if they should take the 101 (a more direct freeway, but with worse traffic), or whether traffic is bad enough that they should choose the 280. Then as they drive, they can keep the application on, and it uses GPS to monitor their speed to help the next driver. Users can also send in reports about things like accidents and construction

via Find a faster commute with mobile application Waze » VentureBeat.


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